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Main Chart Overlay Tool

Product overlay tool with the same picture

This tool allows investors to clearly understand
the relative strength of any K-line in any period of two
commodities, and can also identify the effectiveness of breakthroughs

Setting two colors can clearly show the relative strength of single K-wire of different varieties.

MACD Pro Indicator

MACD Index (double line)

This is a commonly used MACD indicator tool for domestic stocks and futures. Compared with the MACD that comes with Trading software, it is more in line with the habits of Chinese people.

Common ways to use MACD

Top/Bottom Divergence - MACD divergence can be seen from the line or the column. Take the histogram as an example. After the first high point and the second second high point appear on the column line, the column line falls back to between the two high points The lowest value between, then the top divergence is confirmed, and the opposite case is the bottom divergence

MACD is a relatively complex indicator, so it can be used in a relatively personalized way, and investors can determine it according to their own needs.

MTDriver Profit/Loss Statistical Indicator

MTDriver Profit and loss statistics indicators

This tool can help
investors pinpoint profit
and loss for different periods

Most traders have only a vague understanding of their profit and loss. For intraday, swing and long-term traders, this tool can give them a clearer understanding of their profitability

Price Alert Mobile Push Notifications

Price Change Mobile Push Notification

Most investors have limited time to watch
the market, and mobile phone notification of price changes
can help them grasp market trends while avoiding some market noises

For example, investors who focus on swing trading can set the price change to be larger, so some smaller fluctuations can be avoided

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